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    Point of Sale (POS) System for dog grooming shop


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    Point of Sale (POS) System for dog grooming shop

    Post by EricBlade on Tue 27 Oct 2009, 8:19 pm

    My girlfriend and her mother used to run a dog grooming shop. I wrote a POS system in PHP for them to use, which made keeping track of customers and getting reports ridiculously easy compared to their old system - which was storing everything on hand written specially designed note cards. When I got involved, my gf was trying to convert everything to an Access database. The database schema involved in this program is terrible, and I wrote a lot of code hacks to deal with problems in the database. This is why people who need database driven things hire people to do it, instead of doing it themselves. Very Happy

    I came across the source code for all of that today, and am considering posting it.

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